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24×7 Global Showroom

  • Nukondo is a multi-platform for new construction projects that connects Developers and Master Brokers with real estate Agents and Buyers globally.
  • Develop new long-term business relationships in local and offshore markets, unveiling new networks for your new projects in previously untapped markets.
  • Nukondo will help your business speed up sales and lower marketing cost by establishing fresh connections, via its innovative technology and transparency.

A dedicated network for Master Brokerages selling new projects.

  • Nukondo provides master brokerages with registered users and leads so that follow-ups can be properly made
  • Master Brokerages can see when a lead was made, as well as which specific units the user is interested in
  • Nukondo is an ever-expanding platform that is opening in new markets, creating momentum from buyers and agents from different cities all into one application.

Keep your Projects relevant

  • A Nukondo listing ensures your brand and projects are top of mind with industry professionals.
  • Whether you’re looking for new agents or just to reconnect with current contacts, there is a Nukondo promotional package to suit your requirements and budget.
  • Spend more time nurturing relationships and selling, whilst Nukondo works around the world connecting you with the right professionals.

Automate your sales management

  • Discover how Nukondo’s software solutions can really take your sales automation to the next level.
  • Nukondo’s technology integrates with your business to increase efficiency and expand your reach, so that you can spend less time managing and more time selling.
  • Our developer backend allows you to control exactly who accesses what information, keeping you in complete control.
    • Our built-in inventory management system allows you to keep track of every sale, including contract signing and deposit payments.

Eliminate double sales and outdated information

  • Nukondo’s cloud-based technology keeps your information secure and updated, with changes reflected instantly- no more double-bookings!
  • Your network can instantly access all project information.
    • Accurate, real time information eliminates double sales risk and will reduce your possible exposure to inaccurate information.

Overcome language and geographical barriers

  • Nukondo can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world. We translate your projects into several languages, allowing you to communicate with agents in their local language.
    • Real-time availability keeps you selling even when you’re asleep!
  • The agent version of the app allows your local and international agents to access all unbranded information, giving them 24/7 access to the most accurate information on new projects.
  • The buyer version of the app allows your local and international buyers access to basic information about the project, to participate with their agent in the research and selection with less travel time and phone calls.
    • This is more effective and speeds up the decision process!

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