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Nukondo App

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Access the best Projects in the greatest Cities

As an Agent you can sign up with your real estate license credentials. We supply you with all relevant information on new projects. New markets and cities are added from time to time as we grow.

Property research tools

Search based on:

  • Location
  • Price Range
  • Project Name
  • Unit Type
  • Delivery Date
  • Find the right project for your customers fast and effectively. Unveil the professional compensation being paid by the Project as well as the payment schedule. Shortlist projects and individual units to keep track of your elections. Compare the units within your shortlist in order to identify the most suitable for your client. Setup property notifications to deliver price or inventory changes, new projects and valuable industry information directly to your app.
  • Timing is everything

    Gain immediate access to new projects as they hit the market with real time information including availability and pricing. Secure units via the instant reservation tool, eliminating the risk of a lost sale. Have all relevant information in one central location to quickly and easily assess different projects, avoiding phone calls and visits to sales centers, therefore accelerating your response time to your customer to speed up your sales cycle.

    Deal with the source

    Deal directly with the project in-house sales team to earn the highest possible compensation avoiding typical fees charged by local associates. Develop long-term business relationships beyond your local market, projecting yourself into international markets. Developers and Master Brokers listing on Nukondo are actively looking for more Agents. They are eager to work with you.

    Stand out

    Position your brand and company profile in front of the world’s leading property Developers and Master Brokers. Provide your Buyers with access to leading projects around the world. Nukondo will help your business grow by making new relationships, through its innovative technology that brings in transparency to this niche of the market.

    Overcome geographical barriers

    Nukondo can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world. Real time availability keeps you selling even when your sleeping. Present to your clients online with “Unbranded Mode” allowing you to browse Nukondo, displaying your brand with no Developer details. You can setup the measurement system of your choice wether imperial or metric. You can also pick your local currency.

    Leverage your sales

    Share property lists via text, email or social media with your customers, attaching with your contact details. Compare available property prices, amenities and features, providing the depth of insight available nowhere else. A built in contract management system allows you to keep track of every sale including contract execution and administration directly with the developer.

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